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1800L | DIORAMA TREESCAPE - 12 Months later | 300X80X75h cm

Diorama aquascape of 300x80x75h (1800L) with dead bonsai trees and dragon stones.

This layout just did one year since it was scaped, if you want to check the step by step, hit the following link:

Music by taketones.com
Touch your soul by Alex Stoner

wjhdrew : Thanks for taking the time and energy to film this for us. Keep up the great work Filipe~
Pawan Khedkar : Salute to your work sir.. Glass thickness and is it toughned glass? Please share detail
Юлия Т : Beautiful ! This is SPASE! RUSSIAN LIKE!
Sam Towns : Can you explain the dosing system?
Tomasz Lipiński : Hello Filipe. Why are you so high in PH?

계양 ASD 1800L 사용방법




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